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Skin Bliss Moisturiser

Skin Bliss Moisturiser

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Skin Bliss Moisturiser 

  • Provides impressive moisturise and lubrication to face. 質感潤滑,提升肌膚水分.
  • Vitamin C brightens and protects against sun and UV damage.維生素 C 可以提亮膚色並防止陽光及紫外線對肌膚的傷害.
  • Improves skin tone maintaining youthful appearance.改善膚色,保持年輕外觀,
  • Reduces skin irritation and redness.減少皮膚刺激和發紅.
  • Array of botanical extracts combine for smoother, glowing skin.多種植物萃取物結合,讓肌膚更光滑,更有光澤.
  • Sustainable & biodegradable packaging. 永續發展與可生物降解的包裝。
  • Vegan friendly & Cruelty Free 纯素&無殘忍
  • Paraben & Sulphate Free 對羥基苯甲酸酯和無硫酸鹽
  • Softens dry skin and even reduces acne and breakouts.軟化乾燥皮膚,減少粉刺和痘痘.
  • Perfect for all skin types.適合所有膚質.
  • Light consistency. 煥發光采

Why Use Skin Bliss Moisturiser 為什麼要使用 Skin Bliss  Moisturiser

Our Skin Bliss Moisturiser contains essential nutrients to rejuvenate the skin.我們的Skin Bliss 保濕霜含有使肌膚恢復活力所需的營養成分.

The cream will strengthen the skin’s lipid barrier immediately below surface and will restore proper moisture and balance.保濕霜強化皮膚表面下方的脂質屏障,並恢復適當的水分和平衡.

Is rich anti-aging powerhouse Vitamin A (Retinol). 富含抗衰老維生素A(視黃醇).

Further works to plump skin by enhancing elasticity.進一步透過增強彈性來使皮膚飽滿。

Contains 98% natural ingredients.  含有 98% 天然成分.

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