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Muldream Vegan Green Mild Serum Mist

Muldream Vegan Green Mild Serum Mist

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Perfect for people with the following concerns
    - greasy appearance skin but dehydrated U-Zone
    - large or obvious pores on the skin / needed sebum control
    - irritated skin by the elements : wind, sun, heat, or cold environments
    - acne/oily/combination skin 

Key Features
    - S.O.S CALMING SOLUTION serum mist for skin exposed to harmful external stimuli : Slightly acidic mist controls
      the pH balance of skin : Houttuynia Cordata Extract  &  Panthenol  included.
    - Soothing  serum for blackheads, pore convergence, sebum control , dehydrated skin.
    - Spraying Serum / Serum ingredient makes moisture lasts longer.
    - CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN, CLEAN COSMETICS - Paraben-free, oil-free, Silicone –free, no dyes, no alcohol, no PEG,
      plant based vegan formulation

Main ingredients
    - Houttuynia Cordata Extract #Sebum control #Balances oil and moisture level
    - Panthenol #Soothing

How to use?
    ✔ Soak cotton pads with mist and put them on the face for 3 minutes
    ✔ Finish this by wiping the face in circular motions
    ✔ Spray Muldream’s mist all over face  when you feel dry and irritated from external stimuli
    ✔ Spray on dry area of skin for more


Recommended skincare routine
    - Extremely Dry Skin Care : Intense Serum 🡪 HYALURON Ampoule 🡪 All In One Lotion 🡪 Intense Facial Cream
      + Vegan Green Mild Serum Mist
    - Blushing Care :  Intense Serum 🡪 Intense Facial Cream + Vegan Green Mild Serum Mist
    - U-Zone Care : Intense Serum 🡪 Fresh Facial Cream + Vegan Green Mild Serum Mist

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