Collection: Rootree

Rootree - Vitality of forest to skin

My routine coexisting with tree.

Rootree promises for coexistence with trees

'Three Movements'

1. Free - from Ingredients that harm nature and skin as much as possible.

Rootree does not use animals-based ingredients and try to exclude 20 harmful ingredients such as phenoxyethanol and allergens that can irritate the skin as much as possible.

2. Filled - with only vegan ingredients effective for the skin.

Rootree does not conduct animal testing and uses natural plant-based ingredients. We always look for effective ingredients for moist and clear skin such as camphor tree, dendropanax morbidera, Cyrptomeria japonica (cedar), nutmeg tree & yam.

3. Help- We want to give it back to the tree as much as received.

 As much as Rootree has been helped by trees, we will return it to nature with eco-friendly nature by reducing environmental pollution using soy ink for printing on recycled paper certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).