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Camphorganic Returning Essence

Camphorganic Returning Essence

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Essence that absorb to skin safely with more than 95% pure organic composition.

  1. Standards for domestic organic skin product.達到有機皮膚產品標準

Domestic organic skin product is specified based on the guidelines provided by KFDA 乎合有機保養品標準,這是根據 KFDA 提供的指引

  • Chemical Ingredient 5%  化學成分5%
  • Natural Ingredient 95% 天然成分 95%
  • organic ingredient 10% 有機成分 10%

 Domestic and Ecocert Standard 國內和Ecocert標準

  1. Real Organic Skin Product,rootree. Contains natural ingredient which is double the cost of chemical ingredient and organic ingredient which cost 10 times more. 真正的有機皮膚產品-rootree含有天然成分-其成本是化學成分的兩倍.
  • Chemical Ingredient 2% 化學成分2%
  • Natural Ingredient 95% 天然成分 95%
  • Organic Ingredient 95% 有機成分 95%

* rootree Camphorganic Returning Essence


The toner contains unique natural ingredient collected from pure environment in Jesu Island and essence of wild Korean camphor tree to present your skin with precious gift from nature.


Matricaria (Chamomilla Recutita) Flower Extract


The toner contains moistures collected from distilling Chamomile Flower to offer relaxing and calming experience to sensitive skin and balances out skin condition by nourishing and hydrating the skin.


Camphor Tree -Skin Calming


Have calming effect on weary skin and boosts skin health and vitality protecting skin from harmful environment.


Korean Dendranthema Boosts Skin Immunity Enhance skin immunity by strengthening skin resistance with natural antibacterial effect


Asiatic Pennywort -Prophandiol

Enhance skin softness when applied on skin by recovering skin balance.


Vitex Tree Fruit - Firming緊緻

Provides anti-oxidizing effect and make skin firm and vibrant by boosting skin energy.


Xanthan Gum -Skin Vitality 提供肌膚活力

Ingredient acquired from Broad-Leaf Bamboo extract Prevents hyper-oxidation of in skin

with its property of offering protection against active oxygen.



BroadLeaf Bamboo - Anti-aging 抗衰老

Offers anti-aging effect by protecting skin from active oxygen which is the main

contributor to aging skin.抗衰老,保護肌膚免受活性侵害.

Without 11 chemical compound causing skin irritation. 不含引起皮膚刺激的11種化合物

Paraben, talc, SLS SLES, benzophenone, ethanol, mineral oil, trichloroacetic acid,

aromatic compound, synthetic coloring, TEA, prophylene glycol.

Provide firm and finer skin with various vegetable oils and extracts 含有各種植物油和萃取物,提供緊緻細緻的肌膚.

Soft and firm texture. 

Offers hypodermal moisture and dermal softness


Organic skin product characteristics worth nothing. 值得注意的有機皮膚產品.

  1. Organic toner has unique scent  有著獨特的香味
  2. rootree organic toner does not use synthetic aromatic chemical.不使用合成芳香化學品 .

The toner offers the natural scent of raw ingredient which may feel unique to those who are used to synthetic scent.

Does the product needs to be kept refrigerated? 產品是否需要冷藏?

-Most skin products are produced to be kept at temperature between 10~25°C.            多數護膚產品的生產溫度均維持在10~25°C 之間.

As skin product containing more natural ingredient is likely to go bad in  frequent temperature change, it is recommended that you keep it in cool area avoiding exposure to sunlight. 護膚產品含有較多天然成分,頻繁的溫度變化有機會令護膚產品變壞,建議儲存在陰涼處,避免暴露在陽光下.

Recommended for You.給你的建議

-Whose skin is exhausted from skin products full of chemical.疲憊了護膚產品含化學物質的使用者.

-Those looking for suitable essence for oily and allergic skin. 正在尋找適合油性和過敏性皮膚精華的人士.

-Those seeking a refreshing essence without stickiness. 尋求清爽不黏膩的精華液 .

-Those with skin imbalance. 適合皮膚不平衡的人士 .

-Those wanting to have smooth skin with highly nourishing product. 想要透過高滋養產品擁有光滑肌膚的人士 .

-Those whose concern is skin smoothness and pore care. 關注肌膚光滑度和護理的人士 .


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