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Treetherapy - Nutmeg Tree Facial Mask

Treetherapy - Nutmeg Tree Facial Mask

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Nutmeg tree acquired from the a thousand year old Jeju forest and hyaluronic acid with full moisture makes the skin more

moisturized with strengthened moisturizing and pore care and the facial mask has strong adherence.

We bring the intact nutrients of tree from root to leaf to your skin.Skin pore care and moisturizing effect / Cupra Mask sheet

Ingredients originating from nature.


Nutmeg tree extract

-Active skin with vitality and moisturized skin

Contains NMF

-Improves skin diness


Breathing Sheet:

-skin heat emission with high soothing effect and adherence.

Wrinkle care functional cosmetic:

-Provides vitality to tired

skin and wrinkle improving

and tensioning effect

Nutmeg tree, the treasure from the a thousand year old forest of Jeju.

Whitening and wrinkle care functional cosmetic.

-Effective to make the skin tone bright and transparent, wrinkle care, and tensioning. Strengthens the skin wall with moisture and nutrition supply.

Cellulose mask sheet of silk texture.

-Skin heat emission and relief effect,

high adherence and provides transparency.

Contains natural moisturizing factor (NMF)

-Creates smooth and moist water film without stickiness,provides moisture between the skin texture.

Use it like this!

  1. After cleansing, clear the skin with face tonic!
  2. Adhere the mask sheet around the face evenly.
  3. Take off the sheet after 10 to 20 minutes and tap the face so

that the leftover essence absorbs to the skin.


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