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Strawberry & Poppy Seed Cleansing Bar

Strawberry & Poppy Seed Cleansing Bar

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This is not a soap. Start your day with this completely vegan cleansing bar. Feel uplifted and energised as you wake up to clean, hydrated skin and a blissful scent every morning.

About this Product: This cleansing bar was made to simply clean, hydrate and gently exfoliate the body and hands. Black Poppy Seeds act as a natural exfoliator and buff away dead skin cells to reveal fresh, smooth skin. Moisture-loving glycerin hydrates the body, while we think breathing in the scent of juicy strawberries is the best way to wake up.

Treatment Type: Body wash

Key Benefits: 

Black Poppy Seeds serve as an exfoliant to buff away dead skin cells, revealing a smooth and youthful complexion. They’re also packed with emollient linoleic acid.₁

Glycerin is known for being an excellent humectant, meaning it retains moisture. It occurs naturally in our skin, and in skincare it can help to protect the skin’s barrier.₂

Strawberry Scent is fresh, fruity and invigorating for your showers and baths.

Skin Types: 

This cleansing bar is suited to all skin types

Skin Concerns: 

For anyone looking to elevate their shower routine

How to Use:

Lather up in the bath or shower using your hands. Breathe in the sweet scent and use circular motions on the body to gently exfoliate. Rinse thoroughly.

Our Commitment: Dr Botanicals believes in the power of vegan and organic remedies to enhance the natural beauty of your skin. Our ingredients champion mother nature and sustainable resources. After using our skincare we hope you will too.

Ingredient Benefits:

Sodium Palmate

This is a common soap ingredient that helps to clean the skin.

Sodium Palm Kernelate

This is another soap ingredient that works as a cleansing agent.

Aqua (water)

Water acts as a solvent for other ingredients in a skincare product.

Parfum (Fragrance)

Typically one or a blend of plant-derived oils, used to create a luscious scent for a skin care product.

Papaver Seeds (Poppy Seeds)

Poppy seeds are an excellent natural exfoliator. They're full of linoleic acid which serves as an emollient and thickening agent.


A great humectant, which means it retains water and provides moisture to the skin.

Sodium Chloride

Used primarily as a thickening agent and also for its scrub-like texture.

Tetrasodium EDTA

A handy ingredient that keeps formulations stable.

Tetrasodium Etidronate

Another ingredient which helps to stabilise the product.


This ingredient is used for its jasmine-like scent.


Used for its fresh scent, limonene is present in many natural fragrance ingredients like lemons, pine and mint.


A super common fragrance ingredient, Linalool occurs in hundreds of natural oils like ylang-ylang and jasmine, and is used for its sweet lavender, citrus scent. 

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