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Pure Origin Toner - Centella Asiatica Extract (Red & Sensitive skin)

Pure Origin Toner - Centella Asiatica Extract (Red & Sensitive skin)

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Pure Origin means “Pure + Original”

Pure : Only 1 Formula

Origin : 100% Natural Plant-based ingredient

It’s time to use clean ingredient for the skin without other stuff what skin doesn’t wanted.


Good Stuff In. Bad Stuff Out.

Pure Origin products are cruelty-free , vegan, and clean beauty that do not harm our body and our environment.

Our products do not contain harmful ingredients that damage your skin and cause breakouts.

All of ingredients are plant-based and natural ingredients.

It is good for sensitive / trouble / acne-prone skin.


No Surfactant / No Fragrance / No Alcohol

No synthetic preservative / No Artificial Color

PET Bottle + Removable Label


Centella Asiatica Extract 150ml

Skin Calming, Anti-aging, Skin soothing properties

-Calming & Relaxing

-Regenerative effect



INCI : Centella Asiatica Extract 100%

Size : 150ml

Color : Transparent

Texture : smooth & liquid


Recommendation !

-Red skin

-Sensitive skin

-Dry skin

-Trouble skin

How to use:

1. Use as a toner

Wet a cotton pad with the extract as the first step of your skincare and 

wipe a pad lightly along with your skin texture.

2.Use as a toner mask

Wet the cotton pad with the extract and put it on the 

spots you need concentrated care(forehead, cheek, chin, etc.) 

for 10 minutes as a mask.

3.Use as a face mist

Transfer the extract to spray bottle.

Close your eyes and mist 10-15cm from your skin, before or after makeup.


4.Use it with other skin care

Mix it with your skin care products for better effects.


For the Earth

It is easy to recycle for our environment

Take out the label when you use it all.

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