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Glow Face Serum

Glow Face Serum

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Glow Face Serum 

  • Literally makes your skin glow and promotes a youthful appearance. 讓您的皮膚煥發光彩,展現年輕的外觀.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 減少細紋和皺紋的出現.
  • Effective treatment for pimples, blackheads and nodules. 有效治療粉刺,黑頭和結節。
  • Helps to repair and renew skin cells.幫助修復和更新皮膚細胞.
  • Sustainable & Biodegradable Packaging. 持續發展與可生物降解的包裝
  • Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free 純素&零殘忍 
  • Paraben & Sulphate Free.不含對羥基苯甲酸酯和硫酸鹽.
  • Helps skin retain moisture keeping skin well lubricated. 幫助皮膚保持水分,保持肌膚潤滑.
  • Improves itching, dry skin & redness from rosacea. 改善痕癢,皮膚乾燥等問題,紅斑痤瘡引起的發紅。
  • Light consistency – great for all skin types.質地輕盈 - 適合所有膚質。


Why Use Glow Face Serum  為何要使用Glow Face Serum 

If you want your skin to glow this product is for you!  這款產品適合希望肌膚煥發光彩的您!

It is a powerful anti-ageing serum to boost and tone the skin structure through all three layers , will help increase collagen production which is vital to smooth out your complexion and reduce hyper-pigmentation. 它是一款強大的抗衰老精華液,可增強和調理皮膚結構,有助於增加膠原蛋白的產生,這對於平滑膚色和減少色素沉著有重要關係.

It further promotes skin health & clarity whilst protecting skin from environmental stresses.  進一步促進皮膚健康, 透明度同時保護皮膚免受環境壓力。

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