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1SERUM GREEN - Miracle Oil Control

1SERUM GREEN - Miracle Oil Control

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1SERUM GREEN - Miracle Oil Control

Good for Oily/Combination/Trouble Skin = 1Serum Green

If you are concerned with shiny looking due to sebum overproduction.

Try Miracle Oil Control Serum.

Why Oil Control? 

The overproduction of sebum by an overactive oil gland causes blocking pores of the oil gland and overgrowth of bacteria on oil glands. This leads to inflammation and other skin irritation. 

Balancing sebum production is important to reduce the chance of skin irritation and acne. 

1Serum Green effectively controls excessive oil, makes your skin smoother and softer, and calms irritated skin.

How to use

After cleansing and toning apply Green Serum to face. Allow to absorb then finish skincare/makeup routine. Use morning and night.

Pro tips

Apply one to two drops in the morning/evening.


Marine plankton is a 100% natural and biodegradable ingredient. It contains 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, lipids and trace elements, all with beneficial properties for skincare.

EPS SEAMAT PA (1.4 million Dalton) - Sebum-Absorber

EPS SEMAT traps sebum in its network. This property will be used to absorb the excess sebum on the surface of skin for a mattifying effect.

Try a mattifying serum for daytime use, since they fight 

oily shine both by absorbing excess oil as it’s put out over the course of a day, and by decreasing oil glands.

Microbiome is the totality of the microbes living in and on the body and consists of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Microbiome forms an invisible layer to protect your skin barrier. Skin microbiome plays a vital role in our skin’s overall health and contributes significantly to protection from skin problems.

Probiotics III (1,000ppm) Lactococcus + Bifidobacterium + Lactobacillus

The complex of ferment lysate of live microorganisms

Lactococcus = Anti-inflammatory & skin moisturising

Bifidobacterium = Skin Glowing & Anti-Bacteria

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus = Antibacterial & Anti-inflammatory

Probiotics in skincare optimise the skin micro-biome for healthier skin

by helping to strengthen skin barrier, balance skin pH level, and fight against bad bacteria and germs. 

"The greater the variety of bacterial species on the skin, the healthier it's barrier will be, 

and the less dryness, inflammation, itching, and stinging you'll experience."

Bio Honey Acids contains amplified PHAs (Poly hydroxy acids) content and the original nutrients of honey, and brings a mild exfoliating effect without skin irritation and damage.

It helps to remove dead skin cell, restore skin moisture,  and promote cell turnover. 

Gesolza is a natural compound originated from traditional herbal medicine; Artemisia Annua, Citrus Junos fruit and Pinus Densiflora leaf. 

The synergistic combination of these plants has shown a significant reduction of symptoms generated by acne-prone skin condition.

It significantly decreases secretion of sebum and reduces acne and pimple.


Green Formula - 1 Serum Green is formulated with green formula which is all natural plant-derived ingredients.It helps restore the skin’s balance and renew the skin barrier. Make your skin clearer.


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