Muldream - Turn Over Intensive Facial Cream Niacinamide & Peptide

$300.00 HK

-          Vegan Night facial cream making your skin healthy with peptide which accelerates  skin cell turnover through cell regeneration and skin-brightening niacinamide

-          Prevents skin from losing moisture, improves oily skin conditions and reinforces  a skin barrier by maintaining sebum-moisture balance

-          Tight and moist texture (White creamy type)

-          Fragrance Free, Alcohol Free, Parabens Free, Silicone Free, PEG Free,

-          Vegan Certified and Cruelty Free


逆轉再生晚霜 - 煙酰胺和肽


- 純素晚霜含有肽,通過細胞再生和亮膚煙酰胺加速皮膚細胞更新,使您的皮膚保持健康。

- 防止皮膚失去水分,改善油性皮膚狀況。並通過保持皮脂,水分平衡加強皮膚屏障。

- 緊緻滋潤質地(白色奶油型)

- 不含香精、不含酒精、不含防腐劑、無矽、不含 PEG

- 純素食認證和零殘忍


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