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Your Vegan The Rice Bran Ampoule

Your Vegan The Rice Bran Ampoule

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🌾 First Ampoule to soothe and moisturize skin 舒緩滋潤肌膚的安瓶

🌾 Made with Rice Bran Water Extract - good for skin whitening 由米糠水萃取物製成 - 有          助於美白肌膚

🌾 Hypoallergenic peeling for clear skin 低過敏換膚,打造潔淨肌膚

🌾 Gently removes dead skin cells for clear & transparent skin 溫和地去除死皮細胞,使皮膚        乾淨健康。

🌾 Soothes reddened skin and brightens up skin tone 舒緩泛紅肌膚,提亮膚色

✅ Ideal for acne improvement & better make-up 非常適合改善痤瘡和令妝容更貼服

This ampuole is made with Rice Bran water (great for skin whitening), madecassoside (improves skin elasticity) and purslane extract (effective for soothing). The AHA PHA ingredients also remove dead skin cells for clear and transparent skin.

這款安瓶由米糠水(非常適合美白肌膚),羥基積雪草苷(改善肌膚彈性)和馬齒莧萃取物有效舒緩)製成.AHA PHA 成分也能去除死皮細胞,打造清澈透明的肌膚.


STEP 1 : Your Vegan Rice Bran Toner to soothe & brighten skin.
STEP 2 : Your Vegan Rice Bran Ampoule for gentle exfoliation & pore care.
STEP 3 : Your Vegan Rice Bran Cream for hydration and soothing.


Rice Bran Water 380,000ppm
👉 Brightens up skin tone and helps manage blemishes such as freckles and acne to manage clear & clean skin.

👉 Reduces skin-damaging
👉 Anti-aging

Purslane Extract
👉 Antioxidant
👉 Hydrating properties

👉 Exfoliation
👉 Enhances pore elasticity
👉 Acne / Trouble Care


45 ml

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