Best Monsoon Skin Care Routine Practices

Best Monsoon Skin Care Routine Practices

Monsoon season is here and if you're wondering how it affects your skincare, we're here to help.

Monsoon means humidity. For your skin, that means clogged pores, breakouts and dullness. And so a proper skincare routine is ESSENTIAL.

Here are some monsoon must-do's for your skin:

1. Cleanse your skin twice a day

Cleanse, cleanse (and I cannot stress this enough) CLEANSE. Excess oil, sweat and impurities accumulate in your clogged pores due to the wet weather so it's important to regularly cleanse your skin to let it breathe. It's best to use a gentle cleanser that doesn't strip your face of natural oils with all the extra cleansing. (3 times a day at max)

2. Exfoliate (Goodbye toxicity)

Say goodbye to dead skin and all the other impurities that refuse to leave your face with the pouring rain. Use an exfoliator or a sheet mask that detoxifies your skin to avoid acne or future breakouts


3. Keep your skin hydrated

Just because it's wet and humid outside doesn't mean your skin is too. In fact, polluted rainwater can mess with the pH balance of your skin too. Therefore, it's best to stay hydrated with a refreshing toner that tightens pores while balancing your pH levels. If you use a moisturizer, opt for a lightweight one that won't leave your skin feeling sticky or weigh it down. (And most importantly, don't forget to drink water.)

4. Going out? Avoid too many layers

The goal here is to stay fresh by letting your skin breathe and avoiding clogged pores so it's best to avoid applying too many layers of skincare or makeup.


5. Sunscreen and you should be like this 🤞

Just because you don't see the sun, doesn't mean it's not there. Whether it's raining or not, protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and premature aging with a strong (preferably water-resistant) sun screen.