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Vitamin C night moisturizer - 50ml

Vitamin C night moisturizer - 50ml

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A delicately textured night cream provides moisture and vitality to your skin. Our Vitamin C treatment collection embraces the latest in technology using Vitamin C to benefit your skin. Vitamin C is hugely important for Collagen reproduction and leaving your skin with a fresh radiant glow. 

Key ingredients:

Vitamin C: is the key to giving you a healthy glow. Fighting free radicals, that means toxins in the environment due to its antioxidant effects. As an essential component of Collagen, maintaining healthy amounts of vitamin C is essential for your skins health. 

Argain Oil: is included here because its an excellent source of linoleic and oleic fatty acids. Argan Oil is also high in Vitamin E.

: is used here with the aim of evening out skin tone, brightening skin and firming thanks to the Vitamin A and C

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